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Language and English

“Language is the blood of the soul into which thoughts run and out of which they grow” <— I LOVE THIS quote. Herm.

Oliver Wendell Holmes

There are a lot of things in my mind right now. Questions just pop up in my head. Example, “What is language? Why English? How can I put this into words? How should I explain? What should I say? Um… what else? Um… why is this so hard? Am I writing a reflection? Diary? Or what? Aww… what am I suppose to do?” (Hey, the list goes on, okay? And, the questions are still popping now cause I have no idea what to write.)

Whether we realize it or not, we play with words everyday. Whatever      language that we use is how we express our thoughts and feelings to other people. It is how we communicate, it is how we talk, socialize, make friends and so on. Even when we monologue, well, I think, we talk. We definitely use language – the one that we understand, of course.

English language, for me, is undeniably important. It is the language that all of us in this world familiar with, a language that all of us are talking about. A language that gives us sense of belongingness and acceptance in the society. These days, English is seen as a language that the humans have to learn, comprehend and master in order to have a place in this world (WOW!! Isn’t this is too exaggerating??? WAHAHA… =.=””)

I always think – living in this world leaves us to hundreds and thousands of questions that can’t guarantee any answers. And now, the questions in my mind is —> Why there is such a language or rather, languages exist in this world? We know that they are approximately 6909 living languages, but why English is SO important out of these 6909 languages? How about the other 6908?

English might not be the most spoken language in the world as compared to Mandarin Chinese… however, the significant of this language is how it is use widely among the people in the globe, across countries and continents! How amazing it is when you know that wherever you go, you will not be afraid that people won’t understand you – because there is ONE language which brings us together – ENGLISH.

English is interesting – as how other languages (such as French, Italian, Spain and Germany… I considered them as beautiful are beautiful in their own way. English is, too… beautiful in it’s own way. As someone who could comprehend and express herself through this language, English is definitely a language to be mastered.

Well, that is all for now…

Look forward to the next post about English… =)